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job hunt : limbo.

 nausea, but not the reproductive kind. SubhanAllah. gosh.

At the moment when I gave up, I decided to settle for what fate might have prepared for me, a path lower than what I have expected for myself, this week happens. Don't get me wrong, I am not ungrateful, I am plenty grateful. I am ecstatic, or I am suppose to be but nausea is holding me back. 

I thought this week was going to be about waiting for that one offer, that far away place that had welcomed me with open arms and seemed positively open to the idea of having me join their small growing team. I saw myself being patient for a process of carving my desired future. 


Esok pagi, esok after lunch, next week Rabu and finally next week Monday.


My little window of settling down and finally resting in the far away place beginning mid April is now narrowing. And it is not helping that somehow, coincidentally, that place too decided to make me wait the entire week for the offer. It was soonest possible the last time we spoke but yesterday, she said by this week. I guess it is better than having everyone else in the world to call me right after I agreed on accepting that offer I guess? 

But look here, these others are not offers, they are steps towards an offer.

1) is the Final Round of interviews, yes this will be the third.
2) is the old plan to work near hussy, which sounded quite final.
3) is one I went for an interview already, positive vibes, great opportunity, my highest aim!

Ya Allah, guide me to the correct one. For now, I can only make decisions out of job descriptions.

Yes, none have offered so I know nothing of the salary I might be getting. At least knowing that would help narrow down a few pro and con's list. 

SubhanAllah, Alhamdulillah.


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